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no class this Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!

  No Classes this Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving!
 SEE YOU ALL THIS SUNDAY! Please check out this cool promo courtesy of Master Kevin Bergquist! See you all SUNDAY at Ellenton Ice!
  DRUNKEN FIST & ROPE DART SEMINAR Shifu Jade Jackhammer & Shifu Daniel Pesina "GET OVER HERE"! Learn Drunken Fist with the Drunken Master of TikTok, Shifu Jade Jackhammer, as well as get your rope dart skills with Mortal Kombat's original Scorpion, Shifu Daniel Pesina. ABOUT THE EVENT Shuang Long Martial Arts will be welcoming two traditional Chinese martial arts celebrities: Jade Jackhammer, the elder Shaolin brother to Shuang Long's owner and head master German Garcia. Jade Jackhammer is a 32nd generation Shaolin disciple famed as the drunken master of TikTok, and for his 9 section chainwhip skills. The second is none other than Shifu Daniel Pesina, the original Scorpion, Johnny Cage, SubZero, and Noob Saibot of the world famous video game Mortal Kombat. Known for introducing the Chinese weapon rope dart to the character Scorpion. Train with these two masters in a special 4 hour seminar on Sunday, November 21st. DO YOU LIVE OUT OF STATE AND CAN NOT MAKE IT