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Master Daniel Pesina at SLMA!

  Calling All Martial Artists! Shuang Long Martial Arts is honored to host a captivating seminar led by the legendary Master Pesina , this coming Saturday, March 23rd from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM . This exclusive event, held at the Ellenton Ice & Sports Complex , welcomes martial arts students aged eight and above to delve into the depths of martial arts excellence. Master Pesina , a dedicated practitioner since 1970, boasts a lineage steeped in tradition. He has trained under renowned masters, including Guo Jian Hua and Wai Lun Choi , honing his skills in a multitude of disciplines. Beyond his martial prowess, Master Pesina is widely recognized for his contributions to video games . His expertise brought characters like Johnny Cage and the iconic ninjas Scorpion and Sub-Zero to life in the Mortal Kombat I and II arcade games. This intensive 3-hour seminar offers an unparalleled learning experience: Traditional Martial Arts Fundamentals and Training:  Master Pesina will lay a  so