Shaolin GrandMaster Shi De Cheng

31st Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk

Grandmaster Shi De Cheng, featured in the cover of Kungfu Magazine (2004)


Chen Qing Zhen, the founder of the Songshan Shaolin Shi De Cheng Martial Arts Museum, whose Buddhist name is Shi De Cheng, has been involved in martial arts since he was a child. In 1980, he studied Shaolin martial arts with renowned boxer Jiao Hong Bo. His teacher later advised him to convert to Master Shi Su Yun of Shaolin Temple, a 30th generation Shaolin warrior monk. Shi De Cheng is a Shaolin Warrior Monk of the 31st generation.

As a disciple, he competed in numerous domestic and international martial arts competitions, consistently winning: "Song He Cup" International Shaolin Wushu Festival "Gold Award"; "National Traditional Wushu Competition" won two gold medals and one silver; "The First World Traditional Boxing Competition" won one gold medal and one silver; both won gold medals in the 7th and 10th International Martial Arts Competitions in Paris, France. He once performed martial arts for Singapore's ruling Lee Kuan Yew, state leaders Li Changchun, Qiao Shi, Li De Sheng, Li Rui Huan, and other domestic and foreign dignitaries, as well as President Chirac in France's Paris City Hall. In Thailand, he performed for Thailand's Crown Prince.

Master Shi De Cheng was awarded the "Golden Trophy" and the "Friendship Award" by the French Martial Arts Association, as well as the "Martial Arts Contribution Award" by the Italian Martial Arts Association. He has performed and taught martial arts in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Italy, and other European and American countries, as well as Southeast Asia.

CCTV produced a special report for Master Shi De Cheng titled "Monk Journey to the West" in 2000. In 2006, the American "Discovery Channel" traveled to China to film the pilot episode of "Fight Quest," starring Master Shi De Cheng.

"Songshan Shaolin Shi De Cheng Martial Arts" has established branches in Italy, France, Germany, and the United States with great success. Shaolin disciples who have been trained both in China and abroad have excelled in a variety of martial arts competitions both at home and abroad.

Shi De Cheng travels all over the world all year. Through martial arts exchanges, teaching, and publicity, more international friends have learned about China's ancient history and culture, as well as the profound Shaolin martial arts, and have made outstanding contributions to increasing the popularity of Chinese Kung Fu and promoting Shaolin martial arts. As a result, his overseas friends dubbed him the "Shaolin Cultural Friendship Ambassador".


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